About Us

Over 20 Years of Integrative Healing Experience

Honu Integrative Healing, LLC. treats a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Katie Treganowan, Founder and Practitioner at Honu is a Pain Management Specialist! She specifically thrives in Sport Injuries, Musculoskeletal, Gastrointestinal Degenerative and joint disorders, Anxiety and Pre and Post operation therapy. A wide variety of modalities and therapies are selectively implemented into my treatments to ensure that my patients are receiving the most thorough and tailored care.

Thank you for your interest in Honu Integrative Healing. I am in hopes that with lots of hard work and earned trust from you I can be your Asian Medicine Practitioner through your journey of healing. However, before we attempt this journey it’s important that you know a little about me so I can further assist you to determine whether or not I am a compatible practitioner for you.

I have worked in the medical field for 19 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist coupled with a Nutrition background. I started my journey into Health and Wellness at Chaminade University in Hawaii and completed my degree in Master Bodywork and Nutrition at Ashmead College of Massage and Natural Healing, currently known as Everest College in Fife, Washington.

Katie A. Reed

Katie A. Treganowan

(Formerly Reed)

Thereafter, I had a splendid opportunity to work for Princess Cruises as a lead massage therapist on their world travel fleet of ships. My opportunities to travel were extensive and seemed unreal. Though I enjoyed being a tourist and exploring new places, I also participated and invested my time in academically pronounced bodywork shops and hands on training that have ultimately added to my wisdom, my knowledge, my character as a practitioner, and influenced my treatments as a whole.

After 5 years working on board Princess Cruise Lines as a lead therapist for 4 consecutive years I accepted a position that was as equally rewarding at the Elemis Day Spa in Coral Gables, Florida. Here, I managed and operated the sales department, training seminars, and 23 practitioners and therapist as lead therapist.

Two years after my transfer to Elemis I made the decision to make a move to the one and only San Diego, California where I accepted a Massage Therapy position at The Del Coronado Hotel while also taking a position at Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy Day Spa.

Soon after, my life changed…

One husband and two kids (One after another of course) and a move to the desert! Surprise, Arizona here we come!

I had the privilege of staying with my children for several years as they grew, and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for that amazing opportunity. During those years I decided to entertain school once again. As crazy as my life was with two wild babies… why not add to the wild and crazy and commit to a six years Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine! And so… I went for it! Six long and colorful years of hard work but I enjoyed every last bit of it. I meet the most valuable and adorable people that are now considered my closest friends. I also had the luxury of having some phenomenal professors and mentors that took the time and energy to teach me this brilliant medicine. Six years have passed, and I am now finished with school. I graduated in September of 2016, endured 3 very intense medical board exams, and finally became a licensed and board-certified Asian Medicine Practitioner. I am now the Owner and Founder of Honu Integrative Healing. “A one stop shop for compassion, patient-centered treatments, fairness, professional care with a touch of a tasteful bit of love!”

Have a Beautiful Day!

– Katie A. Treganowan | MSAc L.Ac, DiplAc, NCCAOM, LMP

My Mission

What makes me different….

I strive to create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment that embraces wellness. It is my absolute focus to develop a trusting and healing partnership that will facilitate your healing by uniting science with an ancient medical art.

I am so passionate about meeting the communities’ healthcare challenges by providing; emotional, psychological, and physical healing with safe, effective, and preventative Chinese Medicine and other proven preventative approaches.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you to enhance your journey of healing and encourage your full participation through this remarkable process.

I am truly committed to seeing you through your journey as you grasp a greater awareness about the effectiveness of the ancient wisdom, art, and science of Chinese Medicine and ultimately take a greater responsibility for your own health and well-being and be a willing participant in the lifestyle changes that may be necessary to preserve your own health into old age.

I approach each day as a new day with an open mind and an open heart to treat each patient with the utmost compassion and the highest degree of integrity.

I truly enjoy what I do for a living and work very hard each day to express my love for this medicine, the importance of integrity, patient care, fairness, and compassion!”